Thoughts from Dr. Anders about Mercury/Silver Fillings

Mercury/Silver fillings, also called amalgam, is a mixture of silver and other trace metals that are mixed with liquid mercury. It is still one of the most popular materials to repair teeth used in the world today. In some countries the use of Mercury/Silver fillings is now banned for use in children and pregnant women. In some countries it is banned for use for anyone.

I quit doing Mercury/Silver fillings many years ago because I was reading a lot of information about the possible harmful effects of using mercury and the problem created by disposing of mercury. Mercury is one of the most toxic chemicals and is a neurotoxin. I determined that if I would not want this material in my teeth and would not place it in the teeth of my children, then why would I use it on anyone else? It is a very controversial subject, however I decided to have all my Mercury/Silver fillings removed from my mouth and replaced with porcelain, gold or tooth colored fillings. I had a lot of Mercury/Silver fillings so I had one fourth of my mouth restored at each visit. When you numb your mouth for dental work, you typically will numb one fourth of the mouth at a time and so it just makes a lot of sense to do everything in that area at the same time.

I chose tooth colored materials in most areas because I wanted my teeth to look natural with no metal showing, but more importantly, I wanted to know that I was improving my health in the long run!

Still today, there are basically five materials that are used to repair and restore teeth.  They are; Mercury/Silver, composite, gold, porcelain and zirconia. We do not use Mercury/Silver fillings in our office.

Your Dentist,

Dr. Debbie Anders

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My daughter, Jennifer Tarvin, has a renewed trust in her dentist thanks to you, Dr. Anders, and your wonderful staff. I believe you have encouraged her in just the right way to practice better oral hygiene. She trusts all of you and wants to do better for herself. I am so very, very grateful for all of you.

Dr. Noreen Long October 1, 2015

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