Many people have heard of dental sealants. Most have even had a few, probably when they were young. However, the majority of patients treated do not know the purpose of dental sealants, or how they can save money in the long run.  Dental sealants have long been used to prevent tooth decay in children. Recently, information has become available on the benefits of dental sealants for patients of all ages. To increase awareness of these wonderful preventative tools, we are offering a discount of 30% on every sealant through the end of the year!

Sealants are used to fill grooves and pits that develop over time on the biting surface of teeth. They are used as a preventative measure and can “decrease the risk of cavities by 80%” (JADA, 7/2016). Dental Sealants are typically placed on the molars and premolars of permanent teeth. However, they can be placed on other permanent teeth to protect them from the grooves and pits that can develop. While it is true that dental sealants are used primarily to treat the teeth of children, adults also benefit from these barriers that protect against decay. The ADA recommends sealing molars as soon as you are able, this will decrease the likelihood of developing cavities. If adults have teeth that have been left unsealed from childhood, it is generally a good idea to be preventative-minded and have sealants placed.

Preventing cavities from forming is much better than dealing with cavities that are already present. Dental sealants are fast, painless, and are a fraction of the cost of dental fillings! With 30% off- a savings of more than $20 each sealant- brings the price down to $39 per sealant! Now is the time to invest in the future of your health. Sealants can easily be added to your already scheduled cleaning appointment, you can choose to do one-at-a-time, or all-at-once.

Sealants are 30% off through December 31st, 2017.

To to advantage of this discount, or if you have any questions regarding dental sealants, please visit or call 828.633.4090.