Do you consider yourself “kissable”? Many people who have bad breath odor can’t smell it on themselves. Nose Blindness, as it is called, keep us from smelling odors we are close to. Bad breath is not an easy topic. Your family and close friends may feel uncomfortable discussing this topic with you. If you suspect your breath odor is a problem, it may be time to think about a solution. More often than not, bad breath is very easily treated!

We would love to give you breath confidence!

Bad breath is technically called Halitosis. It can be caused by a number of factors.

Including, but not limited to:
  • stress
  • diet
  • medication
  • alcohol
  • dry mouth
  • previous dental work
  • smoking
  • cavities
  • Peridontal Disease

Halitosis is a very common problem. 50% of US adults have some form of bad breath odor. For 20% of the population, Halitosis is very severe. Even young children can be affected. Many who have Halitosis are doing a great job with homecare and regular dental visits.

Let us help you! Bad breath is very complex and you can’t always brush it away!

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