Biological Dentistry considers the effects dental materials, techniques, and procedures have on a person’s entire body. Biological Dentistry acknowledges, appreciates, and is concerned with the complex relationship between oral health and systemic health. When recommending treatment, a biological dentist informs the patient of procedures and materials that will be used. They may also inquire about materials that have previously been used for a specific patient.

Biological Dental Offices Typically:


  • Do not place Amalgam (Silver/Mercury) fillings
  • Use safe protocols to remove Silver/Mercury fillings (IAOMT protocol)
  • Offer tests for allergies/allergic reactions to dental materials prior to beginning treatment (very valuable for immune-compromised patients)
  • Desire to work with physicians or health care providers to meet individual health goals (necessary for patients with Heart Disease or Diabetes)
  • Offer Fluoride-Free dental products and materials
  • Offer Latex-Free dental products and materials
  • Are fragrance-free


We Practice Biological Dentistry!


In addition to Mercury Safe and Biological Dentistry, we also provide:

  • DNA testing for Oral Pathogens
  • Oral Cancer Screenings
  • Oral Pathogen Therapy
  • Treatment of persistent bad breath


Our office is conservative in treatment to avoid necessity for Root Canals.


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