Halloween has long been a favorite for children of all ages! Other than Christmas, Halloween earns the top spot for childhood holiday fun. Classroom parties, dressing up, and of course trick-or-treating are all Halloween traditions for children all over the world! Why do children love Halloween so much? 5 letters- CANDY.

As you probably know, candy can be damaging to the developing teeth of children. Pediatric dental visits for broken teeth skyrocket in the first week of November, and many believe it is due to the amount of candy that is consumed after the holiday.  Although kids love Halloween because they get to stay up late trick-or-treating and eating candy, parents are often worried about safety and other concerns. Even if we cannot promote the consumption of candy, we want to do our part to ensure Halloween is an enjoyable experience for as many children as possible. This year, children who join our practice during the month of October will receive a complimentary trick-or-treat bag, full of safety-promoting goodies; like a flashlight and necklaces that glow in the dark!

In addition to the holiday treats, children will also receive a dental cleaning, full xrays, and an exam by the doctor.

The spooky savings won’t be around forever! Our New Patient Special is only $159 through October 31st. Please visit facebook.com/andersdds or andersdds.com/contact for more information.