Children are honored each February when dental professionals around the country partner with the ADA to promote Children’s Dental Health Month. This annual tradition aims to show children the importance of proper oral hygiene. According to recent reports, American children miss 51 MILLION hours of school each year due to oral health and dental problems – most of which could have been avoided with proper home care.

Parents Should Help Children Brush –  Two Minutes, Twice a Day.


Proper home care includes daily brushing, flossing, and swishing to thoroughly remove plaque. Daily brushing is recommended for babies as young as 6 month old – this is when the first tooth typically starts to emerge. For more information on establishing great home care techniques, ask the hygienist at your child’s next dental appointment, or visit the American Dental Association at


Children’s Dental Health Month Specials


Our focus this year is on early education in order to help children achieve great dental health. Our team of skilled hygienists see patients starting at age 4. They provide a full office orientation in a safe environment where children feel safe. Our doctors both have children of their own and understand how stressful the first dental visit can be- that is why we take our time and treat every patient like family. Every child with an appointment during the month of February will receive 10 minutes of oral hygiene instructions and education along with supplies needed to put their education in action at home!

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