We are happy to add OralDNA Testing to our list of available services! Recently, we have been learning why certain patients experience little improvement of gum health, even though they are dilligent with their homecare. Emerging science is showing there are 10 pathogens, or bad bacteria, that are primarily cause Periodontal Disease. Periodontal Disease is an active infection that affects both hard and soft tissue. These pathogens are responsible for bleeding, swelling, infection, and bone loss in the mouth. Luckily, we can treat Periodontal Disease by treating these specific pathogens. Treatment requires a simple saliva test that takes no longer than 5 minutes to complete. The test will determine which, if any, of the 10 disease-causing pathogens are present in your mouth. Each bacteria has a specific threshold, and the test can determine if the amount of bacteria present is above the limit to be considered healthy. If your pathogen levels are above normal, treatment options will be discussed between you and the doctor. Systemic antibiotics may be recommended. These antibiotics are specific to the bacteria present in your mouth; they are chosen to target and kill the pathogens directly linked to your Periodontal Disease. We would love to walk you through how this simple test can help you. It is very beneficial for those with Periodontal Disease, ongoing Gingivitis, or Halitosis (bad breath).

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