“Should I have my Silver Mercury Fillings Removed?”

We are glad you asked! We know you are concerned about your health.

Our office is Mercury Safe, which means:

  • We do not place Silver Mercury Fillings
  • If they need to be removed, we replace them with Composite, Porcelain, or Gold
  • If your Silver Mercury Fillings need to be replaced, we will remove them according to IAOMT protocol
  • This protocol protects you from swallowing Mercury fragments or inhaling Mercury vapors that are released during removal

Teeth with Silver Mercury fillings may have issues and need to be replaced.

If this occurs, it is typically because:

  • The tooth has a cavity
  • The tooth hurts when you chew
  • The tooth or filling is broken or cracked
  • The filling comprises more than 60% of the tooth, which leads to a high risk or breaking or fracturing


If your tooth and fillings are intact, Dr. Anders recommends you have a Heavy Metal Toxicity Test completed by your physician. These are urine tests that take place over the course of 6 hours. Your physician will give you a chelating agent and you will collect your urine for 6 hours. A lab then tests your urine for several heavy metals that can be toxic to your body.

Once the results are received by your physician, they will let you know if your Mercury (or any other metal) levels are above the safely allowed range. If your Mercury is high, you can decide if you want your Mercury-containing fillings removed. Together, we will decide which teeth are involved, and which restorations are necessary. Fillings can be replaced in one quarter to one half of your mouth at each visit. If you are traveling from a distance, or it is difficult for you to get time off, we can usually do one appointment in the morning and the other right after lunch.

If your Mercury levels are not above the safe allowed amount, you may want to focus on other high level metals that could cause health issues. When Mercury is high in your body, Mercury fillings are usually the greatest source. Removing Mercury fillings is the first step in decreasing Mercury levels. The test can be administered every 2-5 years to recheck and show how the detox is working.

Call today or go online to https://iaomt.org/ for more information regarding safely removing your Silver Mercury Fillings.