Introducing Smiles For Life, our all new in-house savings plan! No insurance? No problem! S.F.L is open to all patients and locks in discounted treatment fees FOR LIFE! Beginning Monday, February 12th, patients are able to register for the plan! Members of our previous in-house plan will love Smiles For Life!

Smiles For Life provides discounts of up to 60% for patients who value their dental health. The goal of S.F.L is to keep our patients healthy. The largest discounts are available for preventative services- cleanings, xrays, etc. Members also enjoy a 5% discount on all dental treatment! In addition to these discounts, each quarter members of S.F.L are entitled to exclusive specials and contests not available to others. In-house savings plans eliminate the hassles of traditional insurance. There are no annual maximums, no deductibles, no waiting periods, and the potential savings are unlimited!



There is a one-time registration fee of $25 to start the plan. The savings begin immediately! All patients are eligible to join this plan. However,  S.F.L. members must keep the recommended preventative treatment frequency set by their hygienist. If you have any questions regarding Smiles For Life, or your eligibility, please contact our office at 828.669.8781 or to learn more.