Stop hiding- it’s never to late to love your smile with Esthetic Composites! Don’t settle for a crooked or unsightly tooth! Esthetic Composites are here to challenge the belief that braces or crowns are the only options for achieving a beautiful smile. Occasionally, traditional treatments are the only options for restoration. However, most of the time your smile can be greatly improved with tooth-colored composite material. Even if you are not concerned about the appearance of your teeth, you should still consider this as a treatment option. It is often used to repair worn, broken, or decayed enamel.

What They Are:

Esthetic Composites (EComps) are tooth-colored restorations that are done for a variety of reasons. EComps are done same day, in-office. They typically cost between 1/3 and 1/2 the price of traditional treatments. It is even possible to avoid wearing braces with EComps! Many patients who are 60+ have accomplished the smile of their dreams!

Esthetic Composites Can:

  • whiten teeth
  • make crooked teeth look straight
  • change the appearance of broken teeth
  • lengthen short teeth
  • reshape large teeth
  • protect the delicate second layer of tooth structure

Change your smile and your life in one visit! For more information, please visit or call 828.633.4090.